what our fans are saying

readers3“My daughter immediately fell in love with this book. It has quickly become our favorite and a must read every night. I absolutely love how much she can relate to the character Dom. I will find her playing or interacting with others saying ‘I know what to do!’ It really has sparked her ability to think for herself and problem solve on her own.”

–Gretchen S.

“Dom Knows What To Do is a wonderful book offering a story that is easy to follow and engaging enough to hold our child’s attention as he advances beyond simpler books. The older, school-going character, Dom, is very interesting to our toddler. He absolutely loves it!”

–Jason R.

“Great story about situations that every child can relate to. Quickly became our son’s favorite book.”

–Katy R.

readers2“What an empowering book for kids! It’s so simple but it has such a positive message. My niece, Emma, who’s 8, read it to ME, and we loved it.”

–Jen M.


“Dom Knows What To Do is a delightful story for little ones. The illustrations are unique and sweet, and fascinate our 3-year-old grandson. This should be on every parent’s bookshelf.”

–Wendy A.

“Grandparents, parents, and children will love this book. It’s about a little boy’s imagination, resourcefulness, and friendship. The wonderful illustrations bring the whole story to life.”

–Michael P.

“I found Dom Knows What to Do to be a creative and educational children’s book. It is a book that can help other children learn to be creative if they stop and think like Dom does, they too can find their world is full of great things. I really enjoyed reading this book to my grandson.”

–Joni Z.